Oakland Limousine

Oakland Limousine

Oakland, California, named after the many oak trees that inhabit the city, is a culturally diverse city, over 150 languages are spoken there, which also has along history of supporting the arts and radical thought. Jack London square, named after the famous writer, is a popular destination for tourist and contains a variety of shops, restaurants and bars. It was once Oakland's wharf district and still retains some of its maritime feel.

Cuisine in Oakland is top-notch, due to the variety of cultures, and rivals its bay area neighbors. Oakland's Chinatown is more authentic and less touristy than San Francisco's. Stop in for authentic Chinese food that is better and less expensive than San Fran. Each neighborhood is like a distinct village and has a lot to offer the curious traveler.

When you get to town, get a hold of Oakland Limousine for a convenient, affordable, limo transportation. They are perfect for parties because you can get the whole gang together in one ride, so you don't have to worry about leaving anybody behind. Their service is also excellent for weddings and other family get-togethers.

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Phone: 707-637-4399
Website: Napa Limousine

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